Ahhh The wonderful world of Homeschooling.  Being a world traveler, Charlotte Mason's concept of Making the World your really put into practice. We have had lessons on the Nile and looked at a view of the city from Khalifah's house. From time to time I will post something here to benefit the homeschoolers. Our latest adventure was making a solar oven.  It is so easy.  What you need is two cardboard boxes,one smaller than the other.  You put on box inside the other.  The spaces between the big box and the small, fill with newspaper.  At the bottom of the inner box, but some black construction paper and all sides of the box with aluminum foil.  On the flaps of the outer box place aluminum foil also.  You need either a sheet of plastic or glass to cover the box.  Solar ovens take longer to preheat.  So, put them out in the sun for maximum sun exposure for maybe an hour, then place what you want to cook in a pot, put it inside the box and then put the sheet of plastic or glass over the opening of the box.  Make sure you keep checking that the box is in a good position for sun exposure.  Enjoy.