Thursday, January 24, 2013


This is a poem I wrote while sitting reflecting at work.

Fatimah Abdulmalik


Pain: sometimes it runs so deep that the only coping mechanism is a tear.  This tear, if dripped in the ocean would contaminate it, for it is toxic.


This tear is the sum total of wrongs not righted, inequitable tilting of the scales to the side of the unjust, oppression and words left unspoken.


What else can be done when a pain hits you that would have knocked most unconscious but you are still left standing, shaking because of the strength of the earthquake?  What else can be cone when the tragedies you have faced that would have driven some made and left some medicated leaves you in a stark cold reality?  BUT, SHED A TEAR!!


Death of a son, pain unmatched; a tear.

Miscarriage of an awaited love one; a tear.

Molestation hidden and then suddenly revealed; a tear.

Abuse; verbal and physical; a tear.


Tears; relief from life's unspeakable!!!


Do the tears solve the problems; in part yes.

Emotions unexpressed can kill the one who they possess.

After the tears come relief, clarity and motivation to move through the adversity and like Stella, get a groove back.


Rushing from a tear isn't always easy.

People would prefer to see you out for the count.

Because all resurrections end in victory but also in defeat.

Being victorious over adversaries is what haters loathe

and so they prefer to throw things your way to keep you down in a hole.


Laugh at the tears, go right ahead.

But know that soon, I will rise from it all

Answer my call

Putting an end to it all

Rising nevermore to tall.

Ending standing TALL

From a tear.